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Chili Bily (Jayani Food Industries) based in Mumbai, is a sister concern company of Jayani Technologies LLP (JTOPTICS) established in 2011. Starting with a variety of premium herbs, spices, sprinklers and seasonings, today Chili Bily has multiple products across categories herbs, seasoning, and spices.

Chili Bily mission is to be the ingredients provider you need for health, diet or culinary choice you seek. We believe that good quality of ingredients unlock opportunities for our customers to enjoy guilt-free, specific diets or cuisine of their choice and lead better lives.

In an increasingly global world where everything is one large melting pot, all of us seek something beyond the ordinary and conventional. As we understand the incredible diversities of cultures around the world and their cuisine – we often seek food experiences that are bespoke and authentic. It’s at this very point of curiosity when we want to offer you the specific experience you desire. We also strongly believe that a plant-based diet is good for you, the planet and animals. Our robust portfolio of products has given us a way forward to innovate heavily in this space. We want to be your everyday diet, powered by plants. This is a company run by people who’re passionate about food, its impact on our own lives and the plant. We eat what we offer. We offer what we eat. We’re accountable. We’re responsible. We’re absolute foodies! After all, Nothing brings people together like Simply Good Food!

A healthier life begins with healthier food – we focus on eliminating all chemicals, colors and artificial flavors from food & beverage. We believe social responsibility needs to be an integral part of every business, not just an afterthought. We source a lot of our ingredients and raw materials directly from farmers, co-operatives, NGOs and social enterprises .

Join us on this journey, as we stride forward making good & high-quality  products accessible to people of all tastes and dietary.
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